software information

Interactive from first ‘touch’. ITEMS™ play software is clear, beautifully presented, and free from all violence. Games are played at the child’s pace and are designed for quiet environments. Our Touchscreen Interactive systems do not require a data connection, updates or licence fees. Just plug-in and play.



hello, nice to see you!

A friendly greeting that invites kid’s to select a language and a game.

pictures to colour

Colouring, Fill in the Blank

Choose between five difference pictures in the electronic colouring book. Select a colour to fill in the spaces.

finger painting

finger painting

Young artists can let their creativity flourish using the interactive finger painting game. Choose from a variety of paint colours and brush sizes. Imagination is the only limit.


Dress Up

This game is wild n’ wacky. Why is grandpa purple? And what’s that knight doing on a witch’s broom? Scroll to choose silly matches then use the colour pallet to fill in the funny characters.


Memory, Concentration

Concentrate! This is a game of memory. Play against the computer, taking turns to select tiles and match pairs. Choose between five differently themed tile sets that are randomly scrambled before each game.

spot the difference

spot the difference

What’s wrong with this picture? Spot 6 differences in each of the five delightful pictures. Sherlock, look out!