we make play fit into: healthcare

children are more relaxed

when you design play into your healthcare space

To a child, a hospital can be a scary place.

In an environment where children otherwise have no control over their surroundings, play space is safe and familiar space. Play allows the opportunity for children to feel more in control as family and healthcare providers treat, support, and connect with the child.

Research confirms how healing environments designed to be serene, familiar, and cohesive can facilitate a sense of calm and well-being. While understanding the practical realities of a healthcare environment, we work with designers and architects to create play spaces for lobbies, waiting areas, and examination rooms that compliment an overall nurturing d├ęcor objective.

Our products encourage fine motor skill play: children sit and play quietly. There are no loose parts or pieces that can be put into mouths, to be picked-up or to go missing. There is no jumping, climbing, or running. There are no seams, nooks or crannies. There are no fabric or plush surfaces. Along with the antimicrobial additives in our coatings, our products are designed to be easily cleaned and disinfected, and are able to withstand the rigorous cleaning regimes of alcohol-based disinfectants required in healthcare environments.

we design play into healthcare

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