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Is your Library Ready to Play?

The role of the public library within the community is changing. Libraries are local. They are community centers. Libraries promote community cohesion, social inclusion, community engagement and diversity. The best attract all ages and all sections of the community.

A place for play within libraries is not only an invitation to young families but reminds us how important play is in the development of healthy human beings.

Play truly is a child’s work.

Play is fundamental to a child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. A play space is a safe and familiar space. When at play, children feel more in control and confident. In a ‘play-state’, children are in the moment and fully able to explore, grasp, experience and absorb. Through play, children learn problem solving, interpersonal skills, communication, and acquire the foundational ‘general- knowledge’ required to becoming successful readers.

Keebee Play helps you create a destination where parents can come to and play with their younger children. We have developed a suite of ‘play activity tools’ to help foster the development of early literacy skills, based on the EVERY CHILD READY TO READ early literacy development initiative.

  • Develop letter knowledge (Knowing letters)
  • Develop print awareness (Seeing words)
  • Develop phonological awareness (Hearing words)
  • Develop vocabulary (Knowing words)
  • Develop narrative skills (Telling Stories)
  • Develop print motivation (Liking books)

EVERY CHILD READY TO READ is a PLA/ALSC Early Literacy Initiative, a project of the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) and the Public Library Association (PLA) divisions of the American Library Association. Before Children can read, they must develop a range of early literacy skills. Children start to develop early literacy skills beginning at birth. Children who begin school with well-developed early literacy skills have greater success learning to read and write, and generally have greater success throughout their high-school careers, and onward.

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