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We give you a fresh approach to integrating ‘child-friendly’ into a specific use, designed décor.

The new, the fresh, the unexpected, the delightful!

Making play fit into a unique application may require an approach that you cannot pull from a box. We relish the opportunity to think outside the box!

Keebee has a full in-house design|build capability. Starting from your light-bulb, we have the design and technical resources to communicate with your team, and the production resources to create the unique play environment that fits your unique application.

Nurturing and Healing Spaces

There is no doubt that play can play a role in a therapeutic environment. When properly incorporated, providing play experience in emotionally healing environments such as acute care facilities and child-abuse centers, allow children the means to gain control of their surroundings. Play as a therapeutic tool can be employed to distract, relax, and disarm the defensive emotional barriers that healthcare professionals are often required to overcome in the course of their treatment.

design | build play

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